Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marc & Grant!

One of my best buddies, Gary, and I had the fortune of back to back days with the Father and Son Brewen team!

As the saying goes, some days you're the statue, some days you're the pigeon...and we got a little of each! Spent Wednesday in 11 Mile Canyon and pulled on more fish than we cared to count! Both Marc and Grant hooked up on many nice fish. While I was preparing our lunch, the water started to boil with heads...Marc grabbed my 4wt rod and landed a beautiful Rainbow trout on his third cast! Watching the excitement and anticipation reminded me how very, very lucky I am to do this for a living! Grant caught a juvenile and a fun and friendly competition was born! Grant certainly caught more and bigger fish in the morning but I think Marc more than settled the score by the tie the hatch had settled.

Thursday was more statue than pigeon. We fished Deckers and we having a hard time moving fish. We had several good hook-ups, but got spit out or broken off...decided to explore a little more of the canyon (this was one of the goals of the trip...) and moved downstream. Moved a couple more but still...none to hand! Moved even further down and found some amazing water that I had never had a client on. Again...moved a few, hooked a couple...but none to hand!

Thankfully none in our group counts success only by numbers. We had two amazing days, got a first hand reminder that if fly fishing is anything, it is a family sport and being to be a small part of this family, if even for only a couple days, was a reward greater than a repeat fish count from our 11 Mile day.

Thanks guys!

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