Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Automatic retrieve reels... aka Larry & Jim!

Got another lesson in fly fishing history...and ate a little crow!

Fished with Larry & Jim and when Jim pulled out his two automatic reels, I cringed! Visions of trout dancing away from us as he lost fish after fish flooded my imagination. And the look in his eye told me that I was not going to gain any traction trying to get him to leave them in the car!

It's not often I hope for only small fish, but today that was my secret hope when we were approaching the office. I suppose the fish Gods knew I needed a lesson so Jim started the day off with a TANK of a cutty! Larry filled in several blanks...Jim put about a dozen exclamation points behind Larrys hook ups...It was on! And less than a few of the fish that were hooked on those automatic reels were small...and NONE WERE LOST!


Can't wait to fish together again fellas!

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