Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family first

This season I had the great fortune of fishing with the Recca family! ...Fishy, Fun, FAMILY!

We made it out on a couple trips and pulled on quite a few fish in both 11 Mile Canyon and Deckers. I'm certain that few experiences have taught me more about what makes this sport the center of my life. I've learned more about fun and the importance of family on these trips than I have on many others. Fishing with multiple generations of anglers in a family has always been a secret joy of mine. Add to that joy, a group that is fun and fishy and you have all the ingredients that make you wonder if it should be fare that I get paid to do this!

I honestly can't wait for next season and spending a few more days on the water with the Recca Family (this time we need the whole family...hint, hint)

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