Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winding River Ranch

Fishing is the center of me. I can feel it in my blood, feel it course through body, supply me with the most valuable of the nutrients of my life. I am fortunate beyond measure to have made a living as a professional fly guide for 20 years (on and off...)! I love fishing with clients, being a small part of somebody's first fish is as close as it gets to remembering my own. Seeing the first light of someone begin a cellular level love affair with this sport is a reward that my meager language does not have the breadth describe. This fortune is made even better as I have had the good fortune of becoming friends with many of my clients

As guides we don't get the opportunity to fish on our own all that often, besides doing it with a friend. Today the stars aligned and I got to do both! Kate (my BEAUTIFUL 13 year old Golden. Look at that girl! She is proof that fishing is good for body and mind and soul...and combining trout, your best friends, and your trusty dog are cheaper and more effective than therapy!) and I fished a private ranch that my friend Robert manages...HOLY COW! Wetting a line with two of my best friends would have been enough even if we didn't hook up fish...but we did...and we did often...and they were among the most beautiful fish I have ever caught! Robert has done a tremendous job building this fishery and it is truly a benchmark property. That Brown Trout in the 2nd picture is not a stocked trout! The fish that inhabit these streams and ponds are healthy examples of what a well managed fishery should look like (other than their gargantuan size!) and the fact that native, non-stocked, fish are moving up into the property is the greatest testament.

Life is short. Fish often, fish hard, and fish with your friends!

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