Monday, April 14, 2014

"A" is for apple, "B" is for baetis..."Z" is not for ZORRO

Fished with a talented salt water fly fisherman today...I always enjoy the opportunities that my clients bring to the table, and Cliff brought many! Great cast, uncanny ability to spot fish (reason number 1001 to own good polarized lenses), great stream sense, and a GREAT sense of humor! It'd be easy to imagine that with that host of talents, we would have caught dozens of fish....

Gently ignoring Cliffs dry fly only request, while demonstrating a lob and roll cast with one of our nymph rigs, brought a beautiful rainbow to the fly. Handed the rod to Cliff, assumed that seeing a bent rod happen with what seemed like little effort would help him forget that he wanted to throw dries. Not Cliff. A few drifts through the run and he asked for his dry fly rod back. I insisted that the fish weren't looking up and our most successful approach would be below the surface...he insisted that he was on a trip to learn to throw dries and NOT to catch fish....

Most anglers lose sight of their otherwise lofty goals in exchange of the bent rod...not Cliff! Through a beautiful day, with dozens of trout looking down, he maintained his goal of casting dries into complicated currents! I believe a life in the salt must teach one greater patience and resolve! 99 out of every 100 casts Cliff made would have produced a take...if the fish were looking up (but they weren't)!

As a testament to his persistence and quality of cast / drift, he moved 6-8 fish that I would have bet my truck would not have looked up! Cliff proved that hard work trumps everything.

At one point, about mid day, Cliff spotted a big, bright Cutthroat...put a few casts over it, then offered that I "dredge" a few casts over it. I clearly lined this fish and it still didn't move! I reeled up and walked closer, still didn't spook it, moved closer, didn't spook it, gently slid my net under him, and scooped him up from the bottom!!! Upon closer inspection, we noticed that he was missing his right eye and was blind in the left! To protect the innocent we only took a picture from his more flattering angle!

Next month: Streamers! C'MON FISH!!!!!

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