Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We never know when true love will fill our lives. Maybe it was your childhood crush who snuck a peck on the cheek on the playground in primary school, maybe your high school sweetheart? Maybe the girl or boy who cost you your first "C" on a final in college because you were so love sick that you couldn't begin to memorize reactions for your O-Chem final...maybe it was one or all of these. Maybe it is still on your horizon.

For George and Kate, It happened about a year ago! They met when their parents (Jon E & I) confessed to a profound enjoyment of fishing with our dogs. While neither are spring chickens (Kate might be doing a minor cradle robbery), both enjoy that spring in their step that true love and a quality life in moving waters and the mountains they have carved confers on folks lucky enough to have one or both. While the adolescent hyperbolic passion of teenagers might be lost on them, they rather enjoy the luxury of stream side strolls, a quality nap, a little skinny dipping, and watching their Dad's catch trout!

Follow in the footsteps of George & Kate. Find your true love, find your truth, find your partner, and exploit every minute you get to be alive in these moments! To thy own self be true...and may your truth be true love! Go make a ruckus!


  1. To start my day with such inspiration, I give you thanks! It's amazing what can take place on the water...is there a better place to reflect, reminisce, dream, and be grateful? We all have our platforms in this life...I believe you have found yours! Thanks for teaching, inspiring and loving...keep fishing...may your horizons be plentiful!

  2. Moving words, describing true love and true friendship, for all parties concerned, in a venue and engaged in activity without peer, from the heart of a dog lover, about dog lovers (any way you look at it), and the unrivaled beauty of true fellowship!