Friday, December 20, 2013

A guides guide: Jon Easdon ~ BLINDSIDE

One of my first trips with The Anglers Covey was as a second guide with Jon Easdon. I didn't know Jon well enough to pick him out of a line-up... 5:30AM ~ OH!!! O.K. name - face / face- name... I am with a real guide. Jon Easdon is as real as they get.

Our 5 clients rode up in their own car and I had the fortune of riding up, uninterrupted, with Jon. He was sincerely, and genuinely, humble. I was pretty intimidated! Not many of us have the opportunity to fish with guys as talented as he is and I knew I was about to learn a LOT more about my new "guiding" waters.

I know I can catch fish. It's part of my DNA. I have made a life doing it. I believe I provide a good and quality trip and have enough repeat clients that help me feel comfortable (not braggadocios!) saying that. But driving into 11 Mile with Jon, I knew I was about to become better...much, much, better! And I did!

Jon suggested we just rotate through the 5 anglers. I, for many reasons, no the least of which was that at least with this approach, each could have some time with him...clearly and certainly (at least in my mind) the senior guide.

I took 2 anglers downstream and Jon walked the others up a few beats. I parked in "The Office"  and had a few quick hook up's! This water was virgin to me so I felt a small satisfaction and greater sense of relief! Jon walked down about 30 minutes later and reported good results higher! My guys had slowed a bit and Jon kindly offered his BLINDSIDE midge...I changed my guys up and the action followed!

It's not uncommon for a guide to protect his guard them almost jealously. Not Jon. He gives up his secrets almost as easily as his patterns take fish! I knew that moment that I was fishing with one among the best trout guides in the country and that I would spend (happily!) many years trying to repay the favor! Jon Easdon is a trout guide. He is as good as they get and made even better through his generosity & honesty. Between our clients, we enjoyed loads of hook-up's and many trout made it to the net! Most were on his patterns. None were guarded jealously.

As guides, we fish less than you might think. I have had few occasions to fish with Jon since that day. We make and break a lot of days but I can think of nobody I would rather spend one of my fishing days with. One of these days he and I will luck into another great day together...You're opportunity exceeds my own! Book a trip with this fishy bastard and get ready for the day of your life! I promise, even if you guys get skunked (not likely!) , you will learn more, have more fun, and will walk away as enriched as I have!

(and if you're not pumped yet, go check out his ski & snowboard shop! This dude is the real deal!)

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