Sunday, December 15, 2013

once in a while life really get's this good

I have a friend...well maybe a few, but none as special as one. Likewise, I spend a lot of time in amazing places, but none as special as one.

I was recently in Rocky Mountain National Park with one among my dearest friends. Kate is every bit as beautiful, rare, wild, and special as any of the trout that inhabit this most special, wild place. We hiked in looking for a certain stream, in a certain section, that hold a certain and special Colorado River Cutthroat Trout. We never found the trailhead but we found a piece of this planet that not many people have seen. Some of the best wild trout water, and some of the most beautiful wild trout in the world. And that; being in wild places, with wild people, wild animals, extraordinary beauty, a nearly insatiable quiet, a map that is waiting to be filled in...that, these, those are the moments that define fly fishing! These are the moments that, if you're lucky, can define your life. It may not last anywhere outside of our memory but that moment, these places, those fish have given a life purpose.

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