Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joel & CO. (Air Force Strong)

Fished with an amazing young man and soldier today. Joel and his buddies are a great and humbling group that silently reminds me of the great fortune I have due to their commitment and sacrifice! Guides can become possessive of "my" trout and "my" rivers...but at the end of the day, we are reminded that these are "our" trout...on "our" rivers and the price that has been paid in the process of creating Americas great fisheries does not come free, nor does it come simply by developing a good cast and perfecting your drift...

Joel has worked hard at his cast, drift, and entomology, and today it really showed! It was a tough day in terms of numbers but all three of these fellas had hook up's and Joel lost a bbbbbbig fish! He proved that perseverance, a diligent work ethic, and remaining present and observant, even in the face of a hard day, can produce some results! Look how deeply this guys rod was bent on his Deckers slab!

I look forward to fishing together again fella's and am deeply thankful for your service....

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